beats by dre cheap

house someone's

My house (my language, my tongue, my body, my insanity) may be, willy-nilly, made into 'of something' that I (am said to) belong or not belong to.

Yet, my house may be also be for nothing,
for no one,
which is not the same as to say of nothing - of no one.

A house is for someone: it keeps warm;
a house is from someone: it keeps cold.

A house is of someone: who keeps. (Who? Keeps?)

I keep. They keep.
I'd keep. I'd keep not.
My house?
Touch and word confined-inviting.
Between insides and out;
my house??

I want a house of someone (with thick blankets),
for someone (with open windows).
I want a house

not from


The house not from someone includes not all.

I want a house.
I want a house not.

04/02/2019 04:03